2016 Annual Christmas Party/Awards

                                                                                                                                                    by Cathy
Front row: Bob, Cathy, Bruce, Amber. Middle row: Jackie, Burton, Laurie, Larry, Martha, Doug P., Jim. Back row: Sandy A., John, Nancy, Marshall, Paul, Gary.  Photo by the other Bob.
This year's annual Christmas party was hosted by Jim and Selena. It was a perfect place for the party. Great turn-out. Great food. And their beautiful home with lots of Selena's beautiful paintings as a backdrop. Wow!   

Thank you Paul, Jim, and Selena for all your hard work in putting the event together and thank you to everyone who brought food. It was all wonderful.

Awards were presented at the meeting and then there was some discussion about whether or not we should be sending dues to the National Butterfly Association. I am not sure what was decided. Maybe that we should request their treasurer report to see how they are spending the money and what we would get for our dues.  

The series winners for 2016 were:

Winter Series: Paul, Burton, Gary / Cathy
Spring Series: Paul, Sandy, Gary / Cathy
Summer Series: Paul, Sandy, Burton / Nancy
Fall Series: Sandy, Paul, Bruce / Laurie

Butterfly sailor of the Year: Paul

Below: Paul presents the Fried Shroud award to Bruce. Previously this was the Broken Dagger-board award but as that has gone missing and since it was rather cumbersome, Paul created this smaller plaque for the most spectacular accidental sailing event of the year. Bruce certainly earned it this year when his sailboat was struck by lightning during the Butterfly Nationals! Poof.

Note from Paul: Bruce was the inaugural winner of the award when he hit a hidden log underwater, it split the board lengthwise, still all the way down in the trunk. He didn't capsize but knew something was wrong, no flow of course as the board went two different directions. He could barely get it out when he got to the dock and I believe it was in 2013. 

Lots of clapping as the awards are presented. Burton accepts his various quarterly awards. Gary accepts his awards and details the winners and sailing participants by quarter and Paul presents the awards:

The ladies accept their quarterly trophies! Yea! 

Paul accepts the Butterfly of the Year award for the 3rd year in a row:

Congratulations to all!!

The new officers for 2016 are:

Fleet Captain: Paul
Race Chair: Jim
Secretary/Treasurer: Bob

Gary continues in his mostly thankless role of scoring the races! This can be time consuming and it's great that he keeps track of things then hands off the results to Frank who posts the scores. See link at the top right of the blog site.  

Thank you Paul for being our fleet captain since 2014. You make it look easy and are such a hard act to follow that no one is even considering stepping into your shoes. Seriously. You do so much for the fleet. We thank you!

And I am not sure how long Bob has been secretary/treasury but as long as I can remember and we appreciate your keeping track of everything and continuing in your role. Thank you!

As for Jim as new race chair. You will do a great job and put your own twist on it. Race chair is a funny behind the scene role - setting up combos where people have fun together and we all keep safe. Sometimes it is challenging to find those perfect combinations but our program is the best and everyone does their part! 

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Racing 11-26-2016

  more photos and videos by Sandy                                                                                         by Cathy

L. to R. Burton, Bruce, Nancy, and Gary on a light air day. Photo by Sandy.
Like watching paint dry. But actually it is amazing to see how these sailors can make these boats go in the lightest of air. Below is a little animation from some of Sandy's photos. From light air to non-existent. This requires patience, grasshopper.

Photos from various races as the wind gets lighter and lighter - by Sandy.

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Racing 11-19-2016

                                                                                                                                                      by John

Great day on the lake today, brisk NW winds and cool temps.  Winds averaged 11-15 mph, some gusts as high as 18. We had 7 Butterflys on the line, with Laurie running the show (with me) from the committee boat. Yes, her curse is finally broken, the fleet actually sailed 3 races while Laurie had duty!  Anyway, the race finishes were as follows:

1. Paul, Sandy, Nancy
2. Paul, Burton, Nancy
3. Paul, Burton, Sandy

Here are a few photos:

Paul approaching the windward mark with Burton close on his heels. Nancy in the foreground keeping the pressure on.
Cathy and Bruce in a tight duel heading for the turning mark second race. 

The next two pictures capture the race 3 finish, with a four-boat gaggle vying for the line.

Near to far are Sandy, Cathy, Nancy, and Bruce.
Four boats with less than a boat length separating them all, very cool! 
We had to review the photo finish, and it was Sandy, Bruce, Cathy (hidden behind Sandy's sail), and Nancy. 

We did have one capsize at the start of race 2. Of particular note was the ease with which we were able to right the boat due to the bottle floats at the mast head. This saved a lot of time, and allowed the skipper, who began to get leg cramps from the cold, to sail home quickly.  Something to consider in challenging cold conditions. 

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Racing 11-12-2016

                                                                                                                                                    by Cathy

Shannon, Marshall, Amber on race committee.
Everyone commented on the beautiful day - it was a little cool but then the sun came out and felt wonderful. Ten Butterfly sailors were on the line for the first race. After that a few wandered off, probably due to the fact that we didn't quite have the 5-10 mph wind that the forecast had promised. Lots of the time it seemed more like 3 mph and some of us spent some time drifting backwards.

The course was set for wind from the NE and that worked pretty well. At least part of the time we'd be close-hauled - though  it might be when we were heading to the jibe mark.

Sandy took two bullets and Jim and Nancy both took a 3rd and 4th. Laurie took a 3rd and Burton took two 2nds. He impressively righted his Butterfly after a capsize at the W mark, fell a few places back and then moved up again. Yea, Burton.

Thank you to Marshall, Amber, and Shannon for running the races. It was great to sail three races on such a beautiful fall day!

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Butterflyers at the Wurstfest Regatta at Canyon Lake - Nov. 4-6, 2016

                                                                                                                                                    by Cathy

Congratulations to Marshall for placing 1st in his Butterfly in the portsmith handicap fleet. Eight boats participated in the fleet.

Congratulations to Doug P. who placed 1st out of 25 Lasers.

Lots of CSC sailors also participated. Full results are here: Wurstfest results

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Racing 10-29-2016

more photos                                                                                                                                by Cathy

L to R - Burton, Nancy, Gary, and Sandy.
Beautiful day with medium air that got a little heavier after lunch. We had 9 Butterfly sailors out and there were also 5 Lasers joining us on our course and 4 Snipes on an adjoining course that was also a little intersecting in the 1st race. Warm temps, sunny skies, warm water - just a glorious day.

There is some video and more photos in the link above. And videos by Paul below.

My partner in crime on race committee. 
Jim, Laurie, and Tom R.

Start of 1st race - video by Doug P.


Start of 2nd race - video by Doug P.

Start of 3rd race - video by Doug P.


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Flying Scot Open House - Oct. 22-23, 2016

more pictures                                                                                                                              by Cathy

David B. did a great job as PRO!
Thank you to all the Butterfly volunteers who helped out with the Flying Scot Open House: Paul and Nancy on both days, Bruce, Doug G., John, Sandy, Cameron, Jim, Gary, and Stacy. You are all very much appreciated and you make us all proud to be a part of the Butterfly fleet. Heartiest congratulations to PRO David for the amazing job he did, not only controlling the weather to perfection, but leading us to a very successful regatta!

Some Sunday morning clouds with lots of Flying Scots and downtown in the background.

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Racing 10-16-2016

After coming in from the race and Snipe rescue - Jim explains what happened! 
                                        by Cathy

This would have been the first Saturday that the Butterflys returned to regular racing. However, that was not to be because we received an e-mail on Friday saying that all the boats on the west pad side needed to be moved elsewhere for the next month in order to allow that area to be rebuilt. By the time I arrived around 9:15, the committee boat was loaded and ready to go and both Jim and Larry were helping to move boats - along with Butterflyers John K., Doug G., Ken, and Miles. It was a little chaotic!

Burton stopped by and at that point we only had Bruce and Burton ready to sail. Since we need at least 3, Burton was going to go see who was at the other club but then he saw Sandy drive by - so we had our 3. Unfortunately I didn't communicate that very clearly so races were late getting started.

After weeks of minimal wind it was pretty exciting to have a lot - and steady from the south. But due to the chaos and late start and then the committee boat rescuing a Snipe - only one race was run with Sandy 1st, Burton 2nd, Bruce 3rd, and Nancy 4th. The Snipes usually have a committee boat of their own tied up to the dock but since the water was warm and skippers experienced they did not this time, but will in the future. Stuff happens.

There was disappointment that there was only one race but at least all the boats got moved off the west pad side and nothing got broken or lost - except for the Snipe's crew lost their prescription glasses. Darn.

Butterflyer with child who was not part of the racing and a Snipe being rescued on the right.
Joyce crewed for Gene and they ultimately towed in the rescued Snipe. 
Next week - there will not be any Butterfly racing since we will support the Flying Scot Open House. We have enough volunteers and appreciate everyone who has volunteered or considered volunteering for the event. After that we will return to usual Saturday sailing and if the past repeats itself we will have some of the best sailing weather!

Thank you to Jim and Larry for all your multi-tasking: moving boats, running a race, rescuing a Snipe.

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State Fair Regatta - October 8th, 2016

results                                                                                                                                    by Cathy
more photos

Sharing a course - 11 Butterflys, 9 Lasers, and 9 Snipes.
It was a gorgeous October day with winds 5-10 mph and even lighter in the first race. The wind was mostly from the north - pretty shifty with a few auto-tacks for the unwary. A total of 44 boats participated in the regatta with the Flying Scots and Corinthians split into a separate race course on the South end of the lake. That left the single handed boats and the Snipes on the north end.

Sandy took 1st place overall in the regatta.

He was 3rd in the first race and said that he'd considered giving up and calling it a day since the wind was so light and he was pretty far behind at the beginning of that race.

We broke for lunch after the first race and then Sandy took 1st in both the second and third race.

Way to go Sandy.

Paul took 2nd overall with one bullet and two seconds.

Bruce took 3rd overall with two fourths and one third.

Marshall took 4th overall with a fifth, third, and eighth place.

Other Butterfly sailor prize winners: Frank took 3rd in the Flying Scots and Doug P. took 2nd in the Lasers.

It was great to see the Butterflys so well represented plus even better to see so many sailboats out on the lake.

Full results and more photos in the links above.

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Commodore's Cup - October 1, 2016

more photos                                                                                                                                by Cathy

Before the practice race - which is all we had since the wind was so light.
There is light air and then there is no wind at all. Mostly we had no wind at all. The race committee tirelessly stood by to see if the wind would pick up. Thank you, race committee! Finally we had a few waves of light breezes and we had one practice race in the middle of the afternoon. By that time we were all grateful to get out on the lake and then go back to the great socializing, food and drink.

For the practice race, finishes were not recorded but I think the unofficial winner might have been Logan on his Hobie Cat pedal board. Several tried that out and seemed to have a lot of fun with it. Truth be told - some days are just better for pedaling or paddling.

It was a good day for pedaling.

For the Butterflys - Paul 1st with Gary 2nd. 
It seems October can be anything and is often windy. Let's hope we get into that trend soon as we have the State Fair regatta coming up on October 8th: State Fair NOR

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Commodore's Cup - October 1st - Registration Now Open

                                                                                                                                          by Robert Hunt

Coming Up:

WRBC all-club Regatta – the Commodore’s Cup – is on October 1st. A great day of camaraderie on the water and fun testing your sailing skills. And if you aren’t a sailor? Come out to watch one of the loveliest days of the year on the water. Or pitch in with managing the refreshments, working on the race committee, and just being part of the club. We’d like to have everyone out!
This is an especially fun event because it pits sailors from our club against not only each other but also against many of the best sailors at CSC! After all of the racing everyone can retire back to the club for a bite to eat and drinks with friends. Sailors of ALL skill levels are encouraged to participate. This is meant to be a FUN event which means the more racers the merrier. Trophies will be awarded to the winner in each class as well as an overall champion. This race is open all one design or Portsmouth class boats. If you’re not sure if your boat is a Portsmouth class boat, contact us and we’ll look it up or try to pair you with someone looking for a crew.
We hope you will come out for this event, there should be some exciting racing and some good fun out at the club. More details as well as the official NOR are available on the clubs website. Looking to volunteer or have a question? Contact Miles Zitmore at miles.zitmore(at)wellsfargoadvisors.com.
(Please note that results will only be available after some races have been created and scoring has begun.)
Check in will start at 8:30 a.m., first of five races will be at 10:00 a.m.., breakfast, lunch and adult beverages will be provided. This race is a FREE event.

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Racing 9-3-2016

Photos from Pam
more photos                                                                                                                                by Cathy

Start of the 2nd race.
It was a beautiful morning and while the wind was light and from the east, it seemed like we'd have enough to sail. This turned out to be barely true so we ran two races but shortened each one. Burton and I were on committee and Pam also joined us. It was great to have an extra set of hands to take some photos, wave a few flags, and spot the over early sailors. As far as setting the course .  . well, we tried, then tried again. We set up closer to the southern end hoping for more wind and avoiding the Snipes. It worked out but not as well as we would have liked.

We had twelve Butterfly sailors on the line but not everyone participated in racing. Bowman placed 2nd in the 1st race, then sailed down to the northern end and mentored Kaili (bought Franks's boat). Audrey, new to the Butterfly, tied for 4th with Marshall in the 2nd race and Laurie barely beat them for 3rd, managing to miss hitting the finishing mark at the last second. Way to go - all you girls!

For the guys, John K. placed 1st in the 1st race. In the 2nd race, Paul managed a 1st with Doug closing in for a 2nd with some last minute maneuvers which would have worked in the Laser but didn't work so well in the Butterfly. Oh well . . it was worth a try!

Here is a short video of the leeward rounding in the first race. Bowman well ahead which she managed to the end and Paul and Doug following behind. There was actually a little more wind at this point. It tended to come in waves. Soon we will have more wind. Can't wait!


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Very Competitive Summer Series

                                                                                                                                                   by Gary

After 30 races the Summer Series came down to the last race on a light wind summer day. Paul won series, but the next three places were within 3 points during the last weeks of the series. Sandy and Burton tied for second, with Sandy taking second place because he beat Burton by 3 racespoints. Throw outs played a big part in the scores with many newer sailors making improvements/gains as they sailed competitively in many races with the good sailing weather this summer.

Paul       318        
Sandy    269        
Burton   269       

Tie breaker scores - points made in only the races when they both competed against each other
Sandy    377
Burton  374 

Why do I sail a Butterfly?  -- Because of the friendly competition!

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Racing 8/27/2016

                                                                                                                                              by Cathy

We have two regattas coming up in October. Paul said he wouldn't be here for the State Fair regatta since he'll be in Illinois, participating in the Championship of Champions!  How cool is that?

We only had one race yesterday. It was a beautiful morning but the wind was light and getting lighter. There were some problems with the motor boat so we had to borrow one from CSC. It took awhile to get things going and then as the wind dwindled . . . the course was shortened and Larry and I got towed back to the docks. Everyone else made it in under their own power.

What we've figured out is that if you have Laurie on race committee . .. things will go wrong.  lol! She always shows up on time but I noticed that somehow racing never happens. Usually it's the weather or one time Paul had just done a lot of sailing and volunteered to take her place on committee. This time it was problems with the motor boat AND the lack of wind. Of course this is all just superstition but after asking her to substitute for someone else then seeing the dwindling wind forecast - I did have some second thoughts. I think she gets extra credit for showing up over and over again and though we only had one race, she still got a workout towing us around, switching boats, etc. And Sandy set up a great course and we were very thankful it was shortened!

Then of course after we put the boats away and sat in the club . . . the wind filled in and we enjoyed the nice breeze. But no one made a move to get the boats out again and enjoy it, except John rowed out in his beautiful green wooden Drascombe and promptly put up his red sails. Very colorful and for a minute there we seemed to be in a much more exotic location than our little White Rock Lake in the middle of Dallas.

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Racing - 8/6/2016 & 8/13/2016

                                                                                                                                                       by Paul

8/6/-2016 - We had 10 boats on the line in light wind conditions running only 2 races. In fact the 2nd race I had a butterfly (crazy I know) land on my tiller, then my arm and then shroud, staying with me though out the entire race. That’s light air!

8/13/2016 - Great day of racing Saturday, North shifty wind 5-10 and under 90° in August! If you didn't come out you missed out! We only had 7 boats on the line but it was awesome conditions with very tight racing in every race. I hope next Saturday will be as nice:-)

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