Pad Assignments

                                                                                                                                                       by Paul

Jim installing his stand and roller on his new pad.
Hello Fleet 20,

Hopefully we’ll get to race again soon but in the meantime WRBC has finished the East pad and it looks awesome!

Jim and I moved our boats over today which appears to be the last decent day for a while, all the bowline ties are installed (thank you Bradley!).

The only thing I felt needed to be changed was the space at the end on the South facing boats (mine’s on the end) to make sure there was enough space to sit for hoisting sails, departing and coming back into the dock. I think I’ve left enough space but it makes it a little tighter for each spot moving down the line. 

Paul's Butterfly with space to sit on the edge.
We also have enough room to leave at least 1 foot between your transom (when tied down) and the end of the dock so that we can walk our boats easily back and forth to the end. Hopefully this Saturday it will warm up enough for racing and moving some or all of the boats over!

One other thing is there wasn’t enough interest in the Laser’s rock the ice regatta so were planning on just having fleet racing on Jan. 27th. 

Hope to see everyone soon on the starting line, 

Your Fleet 20 Captain

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1-6-2018 Racing

                                                                                                                                                   by Cathy

Jim called it just about right. The forecast for Saturday afternoon is encouraging: mostly sunny, temperatures in the low 50s, and southerly wind averaging 10 to 12 mph.  A good start to the new year.

Ended up being even warmer - more like mid-60s. Our kind of January! The wind was steady from the southeast with a few puffs up to 15 mph or so. We had a different winner for each race. 

First race: Doug, Sandy, Nancy
Second race: Nancy, Doug, Sandy
Third race: Burton, Doug, Nancy

Fun to watch some great sailing. Nancy got a big lead in the second race in front of Doug and held it. And in that last race, it seemed Burton was way ahead of everybody the entire race. We had to race him to the finish line!

Doug trying to catch Nancy in the second race.
Doug not catching Nancy!
Thank you for the driving lessons, Marshall. Everything went so smoothly the whole afternoon. And no capsizes . .. always good when the water is so cold.  

We have an improvement in case someone does end up in the water. Jim arranged for a new ladder and it is very nice. I think Marshall told me he was the first to try it out and it worked quite well. Also there is a lot of new labeling with some helpful hints. AND someone (Larry?) replaced all the lines for the buoys so they will not float away leaving the weights behind. Thank you!  

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12-9-2017 Racing

by Pam

Friday night at the annual Christmas party, the weather forecast had most people convinced there would be no sailing on Saturday.  Nevertheless, people showed up to make that decision for themselves.  Anytime the wind is out of the North and the water temperatures are cold, it merits careful consideration about sailing.  We probably should have remembered that.

Several of us showed up at about the same time and walked out to the end of the WRBC docks.  The sun was out, the temperature didn’t feel too cold and the breeze seemed a bit on the gentle side.  Not at all like the forecast.  Sandy was already dressed to go out, Marshall was game, Paul was a go, John was on the fence, Jim detoured to the committee boat, and Doug and I were both prepared to sail so we decided to knock out 3 quick back to back races … but that old North wind had different plans.

As we sailed out to the start, the wind was beginning to build with an unpredictable selection of puffs and shifts.  Cathy’s boat, Sylvia, gave me a few warnings on the way to the course that she would not tolerate a wild ride so I had better go easy.  It’s been a while since I danced with the old North wind but I remembered the steps … hard puff, hard hike, no wind or auto tack, capsize.  My goals were simple, no hiking for any reason, stay upright and finish the race.  Doug was a different story entirely.
Doug showed up completely unprepared, wearing heavy fleece pants and a heavy fleece top and nothing waterproof.  I rummaged through the car and gave him spare wind pants, jacket and gloves and Paul put a fleet boat together for him.  By the time he got to the race course, we were already in the start sequence and he just winged it and hit the line on time and was leading the fleet straight to the left side of the course.  You know, where the strongest, puffiest, shiftiest and most unpredictable wind was lying in wait for the fleet.  Doug didn’t even get to dance.  Not more than 20 yards off the start line, he initiated a roll tack and just kept on rolling.  Now, he’s still recovering from broken ribs so I hollered for the committee boat that he was going to need help and turned to see they were already pulling up the anchor.  He’s Canadian and can tolerate cold temperatures and if I just stayed upright, I had him beat so I kept on sailing.

Paul had been on Doug’s hip and continued to stretch his lead throughout the race as the wind got wilder and wilder.  John was living dangerously and hiking.  I was with Sandy for a brief period but he left me behind early on.  Nancy was behind me for the briefest of time and then passed me on a few shifts that I either didn’t see or didn’t get since I was favoring the right and more stable side of the course.  I was unintentionally working my way back to Miles as the wind built and then noticed that Marshall had rounded the windward mark and headed back to the docks.  Then it looked like Miles had pulled ahead of me on the second upwind but he had turned early to head back in as well.  I was in last place but I had already beat three boats and one of those was Doug, so there was no quitting.

Paul won the race with a nice lead, John was second, Sandy third, Nancy fourth and I brought up the rear with Doug trailing behind to keep an eye on me.  Yes, despite being soaking wet and wearing clothes that were the equivalent of a sea anchor, after being rescued, he stayed on the course to race in the second race and also to keep an eye on me.  Probably, I should have felt bad about leaving him in the water at the start but … ah … well, I had him beat if I finished the race. 

It was a pretty clear that racing was over for the day after we finished the first race.  Nancy came over later and said that the CSC weather station indicated we had a 29 mph gust while racing.  Yep … that sounds about right.  What fun!  Oh, and Doug had a nice hot shower, a good long nap, and now has the beginnings of a cold.  He’ll nap again today and be fine by tomorrow.  He’s pretty durable that way.

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2017 Annual Christmas Party/Awards

                                                                                                                                                        by Cathy
Perfect venue for the annual Christmas Party/Awards. Photos by Doug
More photos by Gary/Lynn
This year's annual Christmas party was hosted by Joyce and Lee. What a beautiful welcoming warm home to enjoy all our Butterfly friends and celebrate another successful year of Butterfly sailing. Thank you to Joyce and Lee for opening up your home. We know these events don't fall from the sky though you did make it look easy! 

And thank you Paul, Joyce, and Jim for all your hard work in putting the event together and thank you to everyone who brought food. It was all wonderful. The brisket was delicious . . . 

The series winners for 2017 were:

Winter Series: Paul, Sandy, Burton / Nancy
Spring Series: Sandy, Paul, Gary / Cathy
Summer Series: Sandy, John, Burton / Nancy
Fall Series: Paul, Sandy, Gary / Nancy

Butterfly sailor of the Year: Sandy

Congratulations to all!!

The officers for 2016 have all agreed to stay on another year. We really appreciate everything y'all do for the fleet. 2017 officers:

Fleet Captain: Paul
Race Chair: Jim
Secretary/Treasurer: Bob
Scoring: Gary

Special thanks again to Paul for being our fleet captain since 2014. Here is hoping that 2018 will be the best year ever. 

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Racing 12-2-2017

by Pam
Photo by Bill Naifeh -
It was a beautiful December day in Texas!  Sunshine, a gentle breeze with coolish temperatures that made both shorts and pants a comfortable choice. We had an average of 10 sailors with some comings and goings for different races. 

I can’t remember the last time I was out but things had changed.  First order of business was finding Cathy’s boat, Sylvia. The east dock was gone and Sylvia had been moved. Jim and I checked sterns until he found her. Then, I went to use the bathroom but they were locked and Bruce directed me to the new port-a-potty. Oh, how I had forgotten that unique smell. Next, while rigging, Paul had to point out that the main block does not go where the vang goes. It’s been too long and I would have been lost without everyone. I keep trying to break this absentee habit but work and life keep getting in the way. 

I had a friend, Bill, join Marshall and Doug on the committee boat. Bill is interested in trying his hand at sailing photography and needs a place to practice until he finds the right settings, lens, angles, technique, etc. Naturally, I could think of no better place than the Butterfly fleet. So, for a few weeks (or months) we will have an official photographer. He is a bit of perfectionist and I think his work is quite stunning. First lesson he learned is that the boat is constantly moving (imagine that) and his very large zoom lens was a little overkill (Doug said he almost poked a sailor in the eye at the start).  Bill was not the least bit happy with his pictures (which are quite good) but he nevertheless put up a link to a few of them just so we would have something from the day They are on his website and free to download. As he takes more photos, he will continue to load them onto his website and we are free to download whatever we want.  I believe the website is limited the size of what he can upload so if you happen to want the full quality digital photo, just let me know and I’ll get it. When I say full size photo, I’m not sure but I think we’re talking about being able to blow it up to like billboard poster size (but I might have that wrong). I will put a link to our “gallery” on his website at the top right corner for ease in finding it.

Photo by Bill Naifeh -
So, onto the sailing.  First race, Paul and Nancy jumped out with the lead. I was on their tail at the windward, reach, and leeward marks. Then somehow, I passed Nancy on the second upwind and moved into second. Next thing I knew, I saw Burton and Sandy on the course and couldn’t remember seeing them before racing (later learned they were late to the start) but they were both moving up fast to catch me.  So, of course, I tacked, dropped the tiller, knocked my sunglasses off my face, dove for them, dropped the main sheet, screamed, uttered some curse words, spun, maybe tacked and gybed, recovered my sunglasses, then the tiller and mainsheet, sheeted in and sailed on toward the finish line for a second with Burton and Sandy taking 3rd and 4th. It was only going to go downhill from there so I tagged out and let Doug sail.

Turns out I was badly needed on the committee boat.  Marshall said so when he handed me the score sheet and said it needed to be fixed because he couldn’t write and Doug couldn’t see. Sure enough, it looked just like he described. After rewriting the score sheet, I slipped the hosed up one into my pocket to do something I’ve wanted to do every time I’ve done duty after turning 50. Skipping ahead to today, I have now redone the score sheets to a Dr. Seuss big print version since juggling reading glasses and sunglasses along with wind and a bouncing boat is just too frustrating for a beautiful day of sailing.  Next time I’m out, I’ll drop them in the box. I hope that is next weekend but it could be 3 to 6 months from now. 

So back to sailing. With Burton and Sandy getting to start on time for the second race and with Doug now sailing, it was game on for Paul.  Honestly, I got to chatting with Bill and Marshall and didn’t pay much attention to the racing. I believe Jim was first to the windward mark, then later it was a photo finish at the end with Doug, Sandy and Paul, in that order.

For the third race, Burton had retired and Doug had the lead at one point and luffed up to let folks catch up (he always says you don’t learn anything sailing by yourself at the front of fleet).  The finish was Paul, Doug and Sandy, in that order.

Photo by Bill Naifeh -
Observations: I noticed that Gary was off his game for most of the day but he had some of the best pictures taken during the day. Larry just kept popping to the top of the fleet (if only briefly) which is something new for me to see. Jim was up and down in the fleet. Nancy seems to be a force to be reckoned with. Miles was holding on to his favorite spot but much closer to the fleet than I recall. Cathy's boat Sylvia is an impressively fast girl. I'm way out of shape. Gotta get back to sailing.

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Racing 11-25-2017

                                                                                                                                 by Jim and Cathy

Photos by Paul:

Last week's races were held in near ideal weather.  Paul performed single-handed committee duty with great success.  

Remember: Fleet 20's Christmas Party will be next Friday, Dec. 8!

Burton showing Monica the bowline knot. Photo by Monica

Monica bought Burton's old boat and was all set to give it a try but could not get her sail up. Turned out that her shreave at the top of the mast needed to be replaced. Pam had written a blog about it that described finding the part at Lowe's - a lot cheaper than ordering it. Burton and Nancy came to the rescue and helped replace it so will be fun to see if Monica will make it out this Saturday. Butterflyers to the rescue!

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Racing 11-11-2017

Eight Butterfly sailors, including Nancy and her two brothers, Steve and George, came out to enjoy the day. I stayed on the docks after sending Steve out on my boat so am not too sure the details are correct. From what I gathered there might have been only two races with both being 2 1/2 Windward. The CSC Championship regatta was also taking place on the lake and three Snipes were out doing their short races. The wind was gusty and shifty but there was a nice breeze from the south. It was a little cool out there but pretty nice for a November day.

On race committee, Miles and Larry, were joined by Martha, also part of the "Nancy entourage". Unfortunately a Snipe capsized and needed assistance so Martha reported that she had a pretty interesting time out there.

I also got the debrief later regarding the fact I neglected to discuss the athwartshp hiking strap so Steve struggled with keeping the boat flat and George capsized which I think went pretty well since he was able to self recover. Just goes to show that Nancy's siblings need to return for more Butterfly adventures!

Our Saturday sailing is a good time for inexperienced sailors to come out and learn with us with the knowledge that if help is needed it is not far away. We had intended to have a rescue seminar to discuss best practices but the water might be getting a little cold to actually practice in the lake. Maybe some discussion at lunch break would be helpful. I also wrote a blog eliciting comments some time ago and it would not hurt to review some of the suggestions here: Capsizing

Happy birthday to Nancy, turning the big 60 on Tuesday!

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State Fair Regatta 10/7/2017 - Results and Photos

CSC State Fair Regatta Photos                                                                                               by Cathy

Butterfly start of first race. Photo by Bruce
Ten Butterfly sailors participated in the State Fair Regatta and shared the course on the north end of the lake with the Snipes. The Flying Scots and Corinthians shared a separate course on the south end.

The weather was great and the wind was pretty much as predicted, clocking from the SW to the W to the N by afternoon. That presented challenging conditions for the race committees as far as setting and deciding whether or not to change courses mid-race or between races. For the sailors, there was some pretty light air in the morning as the wind started clocking around to the north.

Paul placed first, Burton placed second, and John third. Congratulations!

Overall it was a very successful regatta and we appreciate the race committees on both courses and all the various volunteers for the rescue/chase boats, registration, food preparation. Lots of work done by lots of people. White Rock boat club had several volunteers for the second week in a row with Robert Hunt, Bruce, and Mark. Thank you everyone!

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State Fair Regatta 10-7-2017 - Registration now open

State Fair Regatta - October 7, 2017

What: One day of racing, open regatta for all centerboards, three races scheduled.

Where: Corinthian Sailing Club at White Rock Lake.

When: 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM in the Clubhouse - Registration. Breakfast, coffee and donuts.
            9:45 AM Skippers' meeting on the dock outside the CSC Clubhouse.
           10:30 AM First Race.
            After the first or second race, lunch will be served.
            After the races, snack-refreshments will be provided and awards given.

Price: $20.00 registration fee for single handed boats (Butterflys).  40.00 for double handed.

Notice of Race
Online Registration
Registration Form

Come sail a Butterfly in the regatta! 

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Commodore's Cup - 9/30/2017

More Commodore's Cup photos                                                                                            by Cathy

Five Butterflys starting along with the Lasers.
The WRBC Commodore's Cup was a big success. We had enough wind for 3 races though the wind was shifty and fairly light at times. Comments from a Snipe friend regarding one moment during the afternoon racing:  ". . . boats to the north had a steady north breeze, boats to the south had a steady south breeze…feelin’ lucky?  Boats were sailing side by side on the run and both decided to jibe at the same time?????"

The food and drink were excellent, with Claire managing along with a whole cadre of volunteers.  Wow!

Robert Hunt did plenty of organizing and then left the "heavy lifting" to the Corinthian club sailors who did a great job managing the race course and providing rescue boat support.  

Cool awards and the whole event was free! Thank you to WRBC and all involved.

Paul takes 1st place among the Butterflys.
Gary takes 2nd place among the Butterflys. 
Nancy takes 3rd place amount the Butterflys.
Laser sailor Griffin takes the overall regatta trophy and will get his name on the perpetual trophy which has only recently resurfaced after . .. 25 years or so. 

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Commodore's Cup - September 30th - Registration Now Open

                                                                                                                                     by Paul and Cathy

White Rock Boat Club Commodore’s Cup - September 30, 2017 - Notice of Race

Note from Paul: This coming Saturday Sept. 30th is the WRBC Commodore's Cup and registration is open. This is a 1 day regatta. Let’s see if the Butterfly’s can be the biggest fleet on the lake. It’s hard to get bigger numbers than those darn Flying Scot’s but I think we can do it! Best part about this regatta is it’s free! (VERY RARE). C’mon out even if you haven’t raced for a while and enjoy some fleet and club comradery. 

Event: The White Rock Boat Club cordially invites you to an open regatta for all centerboard boats and the Corinthian Class Keel Boats.

Rules: The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

Entry: The regatta entries are limited to members of the White Rock Boat Club and Corinthian Sailing Club (White Rock Lake)

Registration may be completed on line at: WRBC Commodore's Cup Registration

Late registration may be completed at the regatta site at 340 E Lawther Drive, Dallas, TX 75218.

Sailing Instructions will be available on line and at check in.

Classes: Three boats of any one design will race as a class. Boats that do not form a one design class will be assigned to a Portsmouth handicap class.

Fees: The regatta is free.

Courses: One starting line/course will be used. However, different course options may apply to each fleet. Additionally, fleets may combined for common starts. 5 races are scheduled.

Schedule - Saturday Sept 30
7:30 - 9:00     Breakfast, check in and late registration.
9:00             Skippers meeting.
10:00           Warning signal for the first race. Additional races may follow.
12:00           Lunch at the WRBC Club House. Additional races will follow the lunch break.
5:00             Happy Hour and Awards Presentation

Scoring: The low point scoring system, Appendix A of RRS will be used except no score will be excluded. One race constitutes a regatta.

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded to the top 2 finishers in each class. If the class has 5 or more entries, the top 3 finishers will be awarded. In addition, each prize winner will have their name and place inscribed on the Commodore’s Cup Trophy which will be permanently displayed in the White Rock Boat Club clubhouse.

Disclaimer of Liability: Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to race. The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the regatta.

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Racing 9/23/2017 and Butterfly Sailing for Beginners

                                                                                                                                 by Paul and Cathy

Nancy gives Monica a sailing lesson before Saturday Butterfly racing. 
Paul: We had great racing this Saturday with  8-9 boats on the line and good breeze. John came out hot and went wire to wire to win the 1st race and then Nancy Franco led at every mark in the 3rd race and finished 2nd only to loose the lead to that meanie Paul on the last leg. Great racing John and Nancy! We have 2 new Butterflyer’s coming out, Claire and Monica. Great to see you two out and welcome to the fleet! 

Cathy: The Butterfly is a great beginner's boat as well as being a fun boat for the much more advanced. Part of the difference is picking a good time to go out as a beginner. A week ago we sent Monica out in a fleet boat but it was pretty windy that day. In retrospect, it wasn't the best day, however she made it out and back safely with nary a capsize. Go Monica!

Yesterday was a much better day and since Nancy had volunteered to give Monica a lesson - that's what happened. Worked out perfectly!

Fleet boats are available for those wanting to try out the Butterfly. Just contact Paul at the e-mail in the upper right-hand corner of the blog site. Happy sailing!

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Racing 9/16/2017

                                                                                                                                                    by Cathy

Nancy, Monica, and Paul on a beautiful September day. 
For such an amazing day, not too many Butterfly sailors showed up. We got Monica out for the first time on a Butterfly and actually for the first time on a single-handed boat. Amazing job keeping that boat upright and getting in a little practice. It was just on the edge of being a little too windy for a beginner and Snipe sailor, Laura, mentioned it was a little shifty too. We were going to get her out on a Snipe too but that ended up not working out.

Three sailors (Paul, Sandy, and Nancy) and I assume three races. Bruce was there helping with the rigging along with Paul giving some excellent advice. Then Paul led Monica out into the lake so she could get some practice. Tiller time! There is nothing else like it . . .

We have fleet Butterflys for anyone wanting to give it a try. Pick a day with winds 5-10 mph and be prepared to struggle a little if your sailing skills are sketchy or rusty. Just contact Paul (e-mail above to the right). Race committee will help you if needed.  The water is still warm!

Paul leading Monica out into the lake - they did some practice circling! 
Monica giving a fleet Butterfly a try. 

Thank you to Marshall and Larry for being on race committee!

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Racing 8-19-2017

                                                                                                                          by Paul/Gary/Cathy

Jim and Tom were on race committee. 
Paul: 0-8 mph. Five boats on the line. Three different winners: Burton won the 1st, Sandy the 2nd, and Paul won the 3rd. A delightful day.

Gary: Race places were evenly distributed. I was surprised to see that almost everyone got the same number of points today.

Cathy: I'm still on the sidelines due to shoulder surgery but have been enjoying coming down and visiting my Butterfly sailor friends and watching some of the races from the docks. I'm afraid to even get on the committee boat because of possibly losing my balance and falling on my arm. I can't put any weight on it, no pulling, no pushing. Oh my. Today was hot but it sure looked like fun! There was a quarterly meeting and I got to visit with Bruce a bit too. Jim and Tom were doing a little extra work - dragging in a log from the recent flood. Traditionally August can be a tough time to sail. Too hot and windless. But this August has been so unusual for Texas there have been several nice Saturdays. And then fall is right around the corner and we'll get lots more wind before too long.

The Butterflys head in with downtown in the background.

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7-29-17 Racing

by Pam
It was a hot one today and there wasn't much wind to found on the race course. Doug and I had race duty and at the beginning of the first race, he asked me which way I would go if I were racing. My reply was, "home."  Doug set a hopeful course that turned out to be pure torture for the racers even though we cut it short. A break for lunch only brought us a hint of more wind and we set some short courses to be on the safe side and make up for the brutal first race.  

On the rescue boat, Doug and I were suffering from the heat. I tried to drive off with the anchor still set and when it came time to put up the "P" flag I handed Doug the blue and white flag and he put and down and said it was the wrong one, that we needed the yellow and white one. No clue what he was thinking.

We had 7 racers today with Miles missing first race, Nancy abandoning the first race and Burton calling it a day after the first.  Marshall spent the day racing while laying down with his feet up. Gary, always quick in the light winds, took an exceptionally long time to start the first race but impressively worked his way back into the mix.  Neither Doug or I can completely remember the finishes but we believe it was Jim by a mile in the first, Sandy with a comfortable lead in the second, and a photo finish in the third with Sandy and Gary and we think it was Sandy.  Then Miles and Marshall had another photo finish with Miles sneaking in there.  I think Miles actually had two 3rds today.  But, it was hot, and our memories are fuzzy so that might be totally wrong.

I managed to lazily snap a few pictures while everyone was in slow motion. Not sure if I'm out of practice in taking pictures, if my camera is acting up, or my vision going, but they just don't seem as sharp as usual.

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