Racing 9/16/2017

                                                                                                                                                    by Cathy

Nancy, Monica, and Paul on a beautiful September day. 
For such an amazing day, not too many Butterfly sailors showed up. We got Monica out for the first time on a Butterfly and actually for the first time on a single-handed boat. Amazing job keeping that boat upright and getting in a little practice. It was just on the edge of being a little too windy for a beginner and Snipe sailor, Laura, mentioned it was a little shifty too. We were going to get her out on a Snipe too but that ended up not working out.

Three sailors (Paul, Sandy, and Nancy) and I assume three races. Bruce was there helping with the rigging along with Paul giving some excellent advice. Then Paul led Monica out into the lake so she could get some practice. Tiller time! There is nothing else like it . . .

We have fleet Butterflys for anyone wanting to give it a try. Pick a day with winds 5-10 mph and be prepared to struggle a little if your sailing skills are sketchy or rusty. Just contact Paul (e-mail above to the right). Race committee will help you if needed.  The water is still warm!

Paul leading Monica out into the lake - they did some practice circling! 
Monica giving a fleet Butterfly a try. 

Thank you to Marshall and Larry for being on race committee!

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Racing 8-19-2017

                                                                                                                          by Paul/Gary/Cathy

Jim and Tom were on race committee. 
Paul: 0-8 mph. Five boats on the line. Three different winners: Burton won the 1st, Sandy the 2nd, and Paul won the 3rd. A delightful day.

Gary: Race places were evenly distributed. I was surprised to see that almost everyone got the same number of points today.

Cathy: I'm still on the sidelines due to shoulder surgery but have been enjoying coming down and visiting my Butterfly sailor friends and watching some of the races from the docks. I'm afraid to even get on the committee boat because of possibly losing my balance and falling on my arm. I can't put any weight on it, no pulling, no pushing. Oh my. Today was hot but it sure looked like fun! There was a quarterly meeting and I got to visit with Bruce a bit too. Jim and Tom were doing a little extra work - dragging in a log from the recent flood. Traditionally August can be a tough time to sail. Too hot and windless. But this August has been so unusual for Texas there have been several nice Saturdays. And then fall is right around the corner and we'll get lots more wind before too long.

The Butterflys head in with downtown in the background.

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7-29-17 Racing

by Pam
It was a hot one today and there wasn't much wind to found on the race course. Doug and I had race duty and at the beginning of the first race, he asked me which way I would go if I were racing. My reply was, "home."  Doug set a hopeful course that turned out to be pure torture for the racers even though we cut it short. A break for lunch only brought us a hint of more wind and we set some short courses to be on the safe side and make up for the brutal first race.  

On the rescue boat, Doug and I were suffering from the heat. I tried to drive off with the anchor still set and when it came time to put up the "P" flag I handed Doug the blue and white flag and he put and down and said it was the wrong one, that we needed the yellow and white one. No clue what he was thinking.

We had 7 racers today with Miles missing first race, Nancy abandoning the first race and Burton calling it a day after the first.  Marshall spent the day racing while laying down with his feet up. Gary, always quick in the light winds, took an exceptionally long time to start the first race but impressively worked his way back into the mix.  Neither Doug or I can completely remember the finishes but we believe it was Jim by a mile in the first, Sandy with a comfortable lead in the second, and a photo finish in the third with Sandy and Gary and we think it was Sandy.  Then Miles and Marshall had another photo finish with Miles sneaking in there.  I think Miles actually had two 3rds today.  But, it was hot, and our memories are fuzzy so that might be totally wrong.

I managed to lazily snap a few pictures while everyone was in slow motion. Not sure if I'm out of practice in taking pictures, if my camera is acting up, or my vision going, but they just don't seem as sharp as usual.

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7-8-17 Racing

by Pam
Belated pics ...

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2017 Butterfly Open & Junior National Championship

2017 Butterfly Open & Junior National Championship

Torch Lake Yacht Club 
Bellaire, MI, USA 
July 18 - 20, 2017
For more information: Entry Form, Entry List, etc.

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Racing 7/8/2017

                                                                                                                                                    by Cathy

Beautiful clouds and light air.
The forecast was for very light air but we ended up with just enough breeze for 3 races. Race committee set up Windward-leeward courses with two downwind finishes (shortened in one of the races) and one upwind finish. They were just about the right length and RC made some little tweaks along the way for the wind shifts.

John took two bullets in the first 2 races and Burton was first in the last race. I went from DFL in the first race to taking a couple of seconds. Larry got a 3rd in the 1st race. And Gary got 2 thirds.

Overall since we had not sailed since the Wrangle all 8 of us were happy as can be to be out there!

This summer has been a little strange. Lots of rain. Not complaining there but sometimes it has timed itself for our sailing time and/or there has been not enough wind or too much. Let's hope it continues to be strange as far as more rain but we get better sailing weather for our Saturdays.    

Setting off it did not look too good - wind-wise! 

Pam joined Sandy and Miles on race committee.

Doug joined us on his Laser and gave his young friend a sailing lesson. 

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2017 Wrangle Results

Results                                                                                                                                       by Cathy 

Paul takes 1st place. Photo by Bruce 
John takes 2nd place. Photo by Bruce
Burton takes 3rd place. Photo by Bruce
As luck would have it, the wind was pretty close to perfect, from the SSE at 10-20 mph.  The previous weekend the poor Flying Scots didn't get a single race in with some flooding of the docks and then zero wind. Regattas get planned in advance and then we just take what comes. We got lucky this year though it could have been just a bit lighter for some (me included). Everyone who sailed all the races remarked that they had gotten quite a work-out. And Nancy wisely added crew for the 2nd day. I would have too if I could have found someone!

The Flying Scots did a great job of managing the race course and even helping out with the food. Thank you Nina and Melissa.  We felt like we got the A+ team with all the talented sailors helping out on the course and in the rescue boats. And special thanks to PRO-Mark Smith. Great job!

Thanks very much to Bowman for all the delicious food! You are one talented lady and sailor too! We know you're out on the Scot but we hope to see you back on your Butterfly sometime soon.

Thanks to Brad for the t-shirts, Melissa and Bruce for the photos, Frank for all he does behind the scenes, and Tom for getting our very nice trophies.

Additional notes from Race Chair Jim:  Thanks to all who organized, volunteered for, and raced in the Wrangle last weekend.  We managed to sail a complete, seven race series. The wind and waves added extra challenges for the hardy competitors.  It was remarkable for the very  low number of capsizes.  Congrats to the "Wrangle Survivors."  And, many thanks to the Scot fleet, who served as race committee!

Nice trophies!
Paul finishing 1st. Photo by Melissa

John finishing 2nd. Photo by Melissa

Burton finishing 3rd. Photo by Melissa

Top woman Nancy and crew Kathaleen finishing 4th. Photo by Melissa 

Gary finishing 5th. Photo by Melissa

Award winning women's team. Photo by Bruce
Nancy. Photo by Bruce
Jackie and Cathy. Photo by Bruce 

Gary. Photo by Bruce

Larry. Photo by Bruce
Photo from my sailboat from the first day.

Race committee on the first day. Thank you!

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2017 Wrangle Registration

                                        ***** NOTICE OF RACE *****

                            The Wrangle Regatta (A Single-Handed Event)

       Butterfly Fleet 20, White Rock Boat Club, White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas

                                                June 10-11, 2017

Click here for online registration: Registration

The NOR is posted on the CSC website and copied in below: Notice of Race

Rules: The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing.

Eligibility: The regatta is open to all boats of the Butterfly classes. Skippers who are under 17 years of age as of 12/31/2016 will be considered juniors.

Registration: Registration is available online and prior to the races on Saturday morning. Competitors must register by May 29 to insure pre-order of regatta t-shirt. The entry fee of $40 may be paid at checkin. Fee includes continental breakfasts, Saturday lunch and regatta t-shirt.

Seven (7) races will be attempted. One (1) race will constitute a regatta.

Saturday – June 10
   8:30am – 9:30am Registration and continental breakfast at WRBC
   9:30am Competitors meeting
   10:15am Warning signal for first start
   Lunch ashore
   Afternoon races to follow lunch
   After race refreshments

Sunday - June 11
   9:00am Continental breakfast at WRBC
   10:00am Warning signal for first start of the day
   No race to start after 1200 (Noon)
   Award presentation to follow the last race as soon as possible at WRBC

Sailing Instructions: The sailing instructions will be available at registration.

Courses: Courses will be as provided in the Sailing Instructions.

Scoring: Seven races are planned. One race will constitute a regatta. The low point scoring system, Appendix A of the RRS, will be used except that no score will be excluded.

Prizes: Trophies will be awarded to at least the five top finishers in each class.


Information: For further information contact Paul Miller at White Rock Boat Club - 340 E. Lawther Drive, Dallas, TX

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Racing 5-20-2017

more photos                                                                                                                               by Cathy

Jim's first ever 1st in the Butterfly races. Woo hoo!
The weather didn't look so good for sailing and then it did. It's been that kind of May. It was cloudy and cool which was nice after all the humidity and there was a steady breeze from the northwest at about 7-12 mph.

I got to do race committee with Gary which is an excellent way to learn . . . about everything! He let me practice driving and then gave me a play by play account of the racing - who should be doing what, when. That made it so much more interesting.

Burton, 1st in the first two races.
With only 4 Butterflys it was easy to keep an eye on everyone and really see what was happening. Jim led in the first race and for several legs on and off during the day - plus I think Gary pointed out he got a really good start in that 2nd race. For the last race which Jim won, he led around the jibe mark but at some point going downwind, Burton caught up and passed him. On that last leg, Jim played the east side and went from looking like Burton and Sandy might beat him - to crossing the finish line with a wide lead. Way to go!

Start of the last race on a cloudy, cool day in May.
Everyone looked like they were enjoying the mild temps and steady wind. No capsizes and smooth sailing.

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Racing 5-6-2017

                                                                                                                                                    by Cathy

Heading downwind on a beautiful day. That is Tom giving Shannon a sailing lesson on the far right. Photo by Sam.
Springtime in Texas has brought us too much wind to sail so when we finally had a nice 5-10 mph SE wind, ten of us showed up to race. It was a beautiful day. Sam and Bruce were on race committee and due to shifting wind they reset the course a few times and we ran three races back to back as the wind began to dwindle. I have not seen the scores and was pretty far back - but rumor has it that Larry was on fire and was sailing quite well, with many commenting that they were going to start following him. Amber and Tom were out and then Tom went in and took Shannon out for a sailing lesson.

Butterfly Wrangle coming up June 10-12

Amber, waiting for the races to start. 

Marshall, between races.

 Photos by Sam:

Look who Sam ran into after the Butterfly races. Come back Brad. We miss you! 
And from Sunday WRBC sailing class:
Trace on Sam's Butterfly. Hope he'll join us some Saturday.  

Bruce (hidden) mentoring some potential Butterfly sailors on Sunday.

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