Winter Sailing in Texas

By Pam


Where else but Texas could we have such great sailing weather in January. For those that didn't make it out here is a recap of the day.

The weather offered something for everyone, starting out rather sunny and warm with mild winds for the first race and by the second race those that needed a little extra challenge, got some breezier winds that sent people scrambling for the docks for a little extra gear because shorts weren't quite cutting it. As the wind filled in, the race committe saw a little action logging three rescues and those that stayed on the course got a nice workout. Preliminary results are posted below and pictures of the day have been uploaded (click on the slideshow to access photo albums).

Today we tried doing Figure Eight drills for the first time before racing began. Those that participated seemed to enjoy themselves and we got some good pictures.

Best of all, for the guy that went searching the internet in vain for pictures of a Butterfly sailing and the guy sitting in MN with all the lakes and rivers frozen, I have posted some video footage of the day.

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