Round Table Club

By Pam
What do you get when you cross 5 sailors with a cold, wet, drizzly day and not much wind? Well that would be the Round Table Club.

Doug Peckover (big hoo ha Laser sailor) has recently joined the Sunfish class and the Butterfly fleet. He is itching to learn what he can and teach what he knows. Well alrighty then. The Butterfly fleet can definitely accomodate him because we too want to learn and have many accomplished sailors who can teach with him.

Butterfly Fleet 20 is forming a group called the Round Table Club. RTC membership is open to anyone interested in learning and teaching. Free, informal, brown bag, round table discussions that will take place every other month on various sailing or sailing related topics.
The first round table is scheduled for March 28, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. at White Rock Boat Club. In order to maximize the experience for those that may be visiting, we will also be doing handicap racing drills earlier that day with 6 short races, the first race of every pair being a scratch race and the second being a handicap race. The meeting place may change depending upon interest level and the ability of WRBC to accomodate the attendees. The topic(s) of the first meeting are open at this point so if you have anything in mind, send your suggestions to the Butterfly Fleet Captain. If the weather is questionable, the Race Committee will make a sailing go/no go decision early in the morning and it will be posted on the website the morning of racing. The round table will take place regardless of the sailing.

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