J/24 2nd Circuit (FWBC) Results (4/25/10)

by Pam


J/24’s at Fort Worth Boat Club. It was an expensive weekend for the skippers, one heck of a wet and wild ride for the sailors, and spectating that would have had a Dr. Crash photographer challenged to capture all the wipeouts.

This was the kind of weekend we'll still be talking about years later ...

The boat rolled over, I climbed high and looked back to see the skipper still sitting in the cockpit at the helm ... the only thing not under water was his head and the top of his hand holding onto the tiller extension still trying drive the boat ... perched on the top of the side of the boat I look to my left and see the keel, look to the right and see about 400 pounds of dumbass (said affectionately) on the low side holding the boat down ... cue the Jeopardy clock music while we wait for someone to reach and release the spin sheet ... Bam! we're upright ... more Jeopardy music while we ease the spin haylard and scramble to untangle the kite from the forestay ... Whabap! the chute catches about 10 feet out in front of the boat and we take off like being shot from a cannon ... now that's what I'm talking about ... holy crap this is fun.

Monday morning, moan, reach for the Advil, dress to cover up the weekend's bruises and head for work. Someone at work casually asks "Did you sail this weekend?" ... "Yeah" ... "It was kind of windy wasn't it?" ... "A little bit."

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