Butterflyers at the Championship of Champions

by Pam
C-Scow 101
Fleet 20's Doug and Eddie are now in Wisconsin getting ready to compete in the Championship of Champions.  The event is being held in C-Scows.  Neither have sailed one before but it's just a big Butterfly with a sail about three times the size of a Butterfly so how hard can it be, right?  The lake where the event is being held is almost identical to White Rock Lake except that it's alot cooler right now and it might actually be a little shiftier.  Should be a fun event.  They arrived last night and checked in this morning.  Today is the how to sail a C-Scow introduction and then the trial by fire practice race.  I can't wait to hear the stories.   

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  • Brad  
    9/27/2012 4:36 PM

    Good Luck Doug and Eddie!! We will be cheering for you from the lake this weekend. Glad you are both representing the Butterfly class and Fleet 20. Looking forward to updates throughout the regatta.

  • Anonymous  
    9/27/2012 6:06 PM

    So many lost and confused stares in the crowd. Yep it is a bigger Butterfly so how hard can it be. That is the best line I have heard in a long time. Damn funny that is.

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