Shaun Hoffmann (7-3-1975 - 9-28-2012)

by Pam 
I’m in shock!  Shaun touched a lot of people’s lives, especially in the sailing community.  He will be missed.  He is the creator and original author of Fleet 20’s blog.  His enthusiasm and passion for sailing lead him to create many blogs and websites for various fleets and clubs, including White Rock Boat Club.  Most of the sites have since been modified but Shaun was the driving force behind them.  He felt the need to use the internet to build fleets and clubs and connect the sailing community all over Texas.  And from that drive, he actually ended up connecting people all over the world. 

Shaun sailed numerous boats.  He was like a kid in a candy store and couldn’t make up his mind.  He wanted to try them all.  And he did so with passion and gave his time freely.  Bits and pieces of Shaun are scattered across many fleet’s blogs and websites.  Pictures, videos, stories, boats bought and sold, as well as many new fleet and club members.  His presence is everywhere.

I knew Shaun primarily from sailing and the Fleet 20 blog.  One thing was clear, he was pure heart and passion.  He didn’t always encounter the best side of people, but he was such a gentle and forgiving soul.  I always had the impression that his ideal for the world was far too advanced in its simplicity and innocence.  He seemed to want everyone to get along, recognize people for both their contributions and faults and accept and appreciate each other regardless.  

His life was too short but he lived his life to the fullest and tried a little bit of everything and he was blessed in so many ways.  Our thoughts are with his family.  Please take the time to visit his Facebook memorial page:

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